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DART Trial

Diagnosing Adverse Drug Reactions Registry Clinical Trial

The DART (Diagnosing Adverse Drug Reactions Registry) clinical trial was a Hampton Health Ltd., Renaissance Rx, Medicare public-private collaboration.

The DART Trial, which began for Hampton Health in July 2014, sought to assess whether pharmacogenetic data might result in meaningful changes to patient dosing or drug regimen, through the evaluation of adverse drug reactions as a function of genotype, with an emphasis on better understanding how to adjust resource utilization and prescribing habits for all physicians.

However, within months of his participation, Dr. Fullerton ceased his involvement in the study once it appeared to him that Renaissance RX "seemed to stress volume".

It had always been the mission of Hampton Health to participate in leading age-related, geriatric clinical trials coupled with Dr. Fullerton's focus as a medical legal expert, however it was his duty as a certified medical expert on Medicare Fraud for the government, along with his ethical duty as a physician that Hampton Health, Ltd. ceased participation in the study and the suspicious activity was dutifully reported.

After having ceased his involvment, Dr. Fullerton was subsequently interviewed for the New York Times Article Pursuit of Cash Taints Promise of Gene Tests in June 2015 .

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