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“Dear John, Thank you very much for your help with this book!”
[How to Market Your Expert Witness Practice: Evidence-Based Best Practices]
James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., Vice President/General Counsel for SEAK
the world’s leading provider of Expert Witness training and texts.

Certified Clinical Forensic Expert | Dr. John H. Fullerton

Dr. F on stand color grainThe Clinical Forensic Medicine Division of Hampton Health, Ltd. is lead by Dr. John H. Fullerton who serves as its Medical Director and who as a certified Clinical Forensics Expert has participated in nationally recognized elder abuse cases, including the cases of "lay caregivers" misguidedly criminally charged with homicide or manslaughter after caring for a loved one at home with advanced dementias (according to expressed prior wishes and advanced directives).

See the article The Criminalization of End-of-Life Care co-authored by Dr. Fullerton, also available in our Articles & Resources section.

Over roughly the past thirteen years, Dr. Fullerton has provided independent medical expert testimony and clinical forensic medical testimony in approximately two hundred cases (and reviewed over fifteen hundred cases including Medicare Audits for the government), though representing no more than 10% of his professional time. He has focused his medical expertise in mostly personal injury, medical malpractice, determinations of Medicare Medical Necessity matters, and civil & criminal cases alleging elder abuse (including homicide) at either discovery, deposition or at trial testifying for both plaintiff and defense cases, respectively.

"I wanted to say thank you for your willingness to testify in this case, and your candor in reviewing the case. The truth is, many doctors are simply unwilling to testify against another doctor, no matter how egregious the care may be. It is very important to patients that someone like you is willing to tell the truth and explain what happened and why. And on behalf of our firm and the entire [patient] family I would like to thank you for your participation in this case."

Jonathan B. Nace, Esq. - Paulson & Nace, PLLC - Washington, DC 

For the past five years in particular, Dr. Fullerton has developed a specialized expertise in determining Medicare medical necessity cases to both "ferret out" alleged fraudulent practices (including billing) in long-term care (LTC) cases, including regional Hospice Medical Director Certification Cases, as well as successfully defending other LTC facility "chains" from allegations of Medicare impropriety, including allegations of Fraud & Abuse, respectively.

Additionally, Dr. Fullerton is vetted by the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Office of The Inspector General and the FBI to perform the duties of a government expert in cases of criminal healthcare fraud. 

His specialty focus and areas of expertise, include: Adult Hospital Medicine (including: medical centers with training programs), Ambulatory Primary Care (including: Internal Medicine & Geriatrics, with experience instructing and working with mid-level practitioners), Geriatric approaches to Gero-Psychiatry (particularly in Long-Term Care), Treatment of the Immuno-compromised Host 1 [Chapter 12 - Pulmonary Function Tests by Robert J. Fallat and John Fullerton pgs. 146-166], Long-Term Care (including: SNF, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, Assisted Living-with Secured Dementia Units & LTC Medical Directorships & Hospice Medical Directorships), Hospice & Palliative care units, Home Care, and Elder Abuse Defense cases (both Civil and Criminal).

At long last this matter has been resolved. The terms of the settlement were very favorable to my client.
I want to thank you for your advice and assistance in this matter. Having your expertise available
made a significant difference in our ability to effectively negotiate the resolution."

Paul D. Copenbarger, Esq. - Copenbarger & Associates - Irvine, CA

Additional areas of testimonial expertise involve cases re: preventable falls, pressure wounds, pain management and addiction medicine (including forensic toxicology/DUI defense cases).

seakDr. John H. Fullerton was a member of the Faculty for The 22nd Annual SEAK 2013 National Expert Witness Conference which took place in Chicago from April 27 -28 and where Dr. Fullerton presented How to Market and Grow Your Expert Witness Practice.

In 2014, Dr. Fullerton's connection with SEAK, Inc. remained strong as SEAK authors culled through thousands of expert reports nation-wide and settled on seventeen expert reports as models for their new text How to Write An Expert Witness Report, including Chapter 11: How to Best Rebut Opposing Experts' Opinions, utilizing Dr. John H. Fullerton's submission 'Rebuttal Expert Report', his favorite "best practices-type" example of the most demanding type of expert report. 

"Dear John, Thank you for your contribution which was very much appreciated."
[A-Z Guide to Expert Witnessing]

Steven Babitsky, President of SEAK the worlds leading provider of Expert Witness training and co-author of a series of SEAK preeminent textbooks.

In February 2016, Dr. Fullerton returned as a faculty member at the SEAK Conference in Clearwater, FL with the topic How to Start and Build and Run a Successful Medical Expert Witness Practice, providing an intensive workshop designed to show physicians how to build and sustain a successful expert witness practice.

"Dear Dr. Fullerton, Thank you so much for your help with [ Mrs. _ ]. I am pleased that we were able to resolve her case. She can now get on with trying to fully live her last days. Your deposition was very helpful to the case. I hope we cross paths again soon!"

Mindy Miller, Esq. - Swope, Rodante P.A. - Tampa, FL

As a Certified Medical Expert, Dr. Fullerton began and continues his 14 year career working with Ellen Rieback of Rieback Medical Legal Consultants, Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL who has exposed Dr. Fullerton to a wide range of cases from across the country in the area of plaintiff medical malpractice cases.


1 Chapter 12 Pulmonary Function Tests by Robert J. Fallat and John Fullerton - J. B. Lippincott © 1991. Medical text and reference book Respiratory Disease in the Immunosuppressed Host by James H. Shelhamer

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